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Ningyoo hime no sekai
Instant amnesia: add boiling water and stir 
1st-Apr-2004 12:20 am
Well, well... what a day. Eheh.
Woke up later than i wanted to (as usual). Really, they should come up with un-sleeping pills for me and Kikas... This is becoming a problem.
I had appointed with HxKraft to meet her relatively early after her classes but she was a naughty girl and skipped classes so she was ready BEFORE time... Came online, had a conference with sunshine and K, went offline, talked to sunshine on the phone (delightful), looked at watch, coronary attack (I'M GOING TO BE BLOODY LATE TO THE BLOODY INTERVIEW (but it was my fault)). Decided to go to P. das Naçoes by car [insert "The Shark" soundtrack here- i'm a wild beast driving in Lisbon with Luna Sea raging out loud!!!]. Drove fast like hell. Faster than that only if I had been fired with a sling. Fortunately I still have some driving skills.

After an interview (*looks sideways* erm...), HxKraft was already dead and tired of waiting for me, poor girl. We had a coffee, talked gossip and went to the parking lot.

Problem #1- ...erm... where did i park the car? Floor -1... I-13... where are the goddamn elevators??? 10min are counting... (i have 10min to get to the car and leave from the moment one pays the ticket) "Clau, where are the goddamn elevators... i know i got in, but how do i get out?!?!? Somebody bring me a goddamn compass!!!"

Found the car. Got out. Head Odivelas with her.

Problem#2- Wrong turn. I have the orientation sense of a potatoe. "Clau, I think I took a wrong turn...hmmm..." Turn back. Wrong turn #2 "Clau, have i ever mentioned how I hate driving here??" Back to where we began. Finally on the right way. Odivelas, park the car, subway, Entrecampos, train to Sintra.

Sintra, it's still on the same place (like... duh?). We ended up not going to where i wanted to but... jesus christ, Sintra is just so wonderful and I so rarely go there... We went to a park (one of the 427, LOLOL) and stood there for hours, having a snack, listening to birds (they are so cute) and talking shit about people we know/knew (is it correct to mention it this way?). Favourite line of the afternoon: "Sócio Melroooo!!!! Anda cá Sócio Melrooooo!!!" (I'm a sucker for megpies)

Headed home to change and meet Kikas. Deadly trio back in action. Biiiig mistake...
Dinner at the japanese restaurant. Now, ladies and gentlemen... can u spell disgrace??? Where to start... should i start with the declaration of war to chopsticks? Or should I start with the deep questionary over sushi i was submmited to ("what's this? and that? that coming out? the food is spinning to fast for me!!!")? I asked several times to be hit with the grilling pan... (somebody please have mercy on me and spare me the embarassment :P) But i wasn't on my fave days either, my chopsticks were shaking all over... ...using mother language, chamem-lhe nervoso miudinho (shhhhh, Kikas) eheheheheheheheheheheh...
But it was a wonderful walk down memory lane, we remembered so many things, teachers, colleagues, the times we got drunk on school trips, me hunting down little children on the schoolyard.
By the end we even ended up taking pictures with the my cute asian friend from the restaurant, she's too cuuuteee (jesus, today she even hugged me and kissed me!!! am I friendly or what??)!!!

Oh my... i missed this so much. True fun. It doesn't matter wether things are right or wrong, if i'm feeling down or not, if life sucks or not, who came first (the egg or the chicken?)... It all can wait. Today I truly forgot.

We rokk soxx!! So IVAL!!!!

Me and HxKraft. Do we look bad? We're not...

HxKraft (polite, neee?) and Kikas... erm... and Xoninhas (i call him that but he's actually nice) as background (i swear that man will kick me out of the restaurant one of these days, i'm always demanding for more tunaaa!!!)

HxKraft, Cinn-chan (a.k.a me) and my cutie friend with a new haircut. She's so sweet to me and so goddamm cute! (too bad K didn't focus very well, what a shame)
1st-Apr-2004 03:16 pm (UTC)
As a matter of fact, it was sheer fun and we must do it all over again...chopsticks and sócio melro. When will we see her again? Ahhh...I want moreeeeeeeeeeee.
1st-Apr-2004 04:09 pm (UTC) - SÓCIO MEEELROOOOO ANDA CÁAAAA!!!
Don't ask me. Ask her (Hey, K! She's talking to you!!). Not my business. It doesn't depend on me, sweetheart.

Sócio melro (ganda sócio!!! *claps*): well, we gotta do what we mentioned. Wanderung, picnic, u name it. As long as we leave lisbon by 9am.

Chopsticks... hmmm, did u learn how to deal with them? Isn't sushi nice? specially tuna? Huh? Huh? What did I tell you?!? Too bad I didn't eat much this time... I guess my head was someplace else, other than the restaurant...

Going to VP. Enjoy yourself in Madrid. Say "hi" to Juan for me.


P.S.: "...pués a mi...ME GUSTA... EL FIFAAAA!!! ahahahah!
2nd-Apr-2004 09:25 am (UTC) - Sushi RULES!!! :D
Ok, ok, I admit it! I was a little hesitant about jap food, but Vera... YOU WERE SOOOO RIGHT!!! That stuff is gooooood!!!
I couldn't sleep until 2:00 am, I felt so full and it seemed that my stomach couldn't digest so much food! I couldn't close my zipper! LOL!
I had a great time with you two! And yes, we will repeat this more often, I loved our dinner! And the "landscape" was simply adorable... eheheheheheh... ;P
Well, thank god for weekends! I'm going now!
5th-Apr-2004 07:05 pm (UTC) - Sushi roxx soxx!!
Aaah, sushi.... which reminds me... I'm starving!

I know I was right. I told you that a billion times. This time you decided to lend me some ears, ne? Tuna roxx!!!!!!

"Zee landscape" aaaaaaah, the landscape... dá um significado completamente diferent à palavra sashimi... n dá? "peixe cru"... "peixe mto cru"... "cru"... (axo k bloqueei no "cru"... e que bloqueio...)


'nough said!!

Cinn-chan (*thinks to herself*: cru...)
19th-Apr-2004 08:51 am (UTC) - Re: Sushi RULES!!! :D
:] Lets do it all fucking over again!!!
28th-Oct-2004 05:28 am (UTC)
Hj envio-te email!
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