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Ningyoo hime no sekai
Baka danaaaa... (a.k.a raivinha de dentes profunda) 
8th-Apr-2004 11:28 am
Hmm, I guess today is one of those days I woke up feeling like ripping someone's head off. Oh yes. I'm only waiting for an excuse. People that know me know what I'm talking about, I have that look on my face.

I ask myself how could I be so stupid last tuesday.... HOW?!?!?!? [insert moment of reflection here] I don't know. If stupidity meant money, I wouldn't be here writting this post right now, i'd be someplace else, for sure! Jesus, how could it be possible?!?!? Even I amazed myself with my own stupidity (vide Allegro Ma Non Troppo)!!

I wonder how am I going to solve this. I don't know what awaits me. My goals are set, the stage is set. The only thing which is left to unwind is the path to take.

Quiseste festa. E como eu sou uma rapariguita que gosta muito de agradar, vais tê-la. Game on.
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